Google Chrome 9 Released: Download It Now

Google are constantly trying to improve all of their products ranging from phones to their popular web browser; however a different product they have is making the news today and it’s the Google Chrome Browser.

We have already seen how Chrome has taken a chunk of the browser usage market accumulating a 10% share by the end of 2010 hitting growth of 0.72% through November and December. Since then we have seen what may be the search engine giant’s Super Bowl advert for their browser.

Recently OSM’s Debbie Turner reported on a selection of some of the best apps from the new Google Chrome Web Store and Mike Smith gave you a rundown of the Pwn2Own browser hacking contest where there is a large sum of money is on offer for anyone that can get an attack on the Chrome browser.

Since then we have read a few reports that the new Chrome 9 browser is now available and according to Mashable’s Christina Warren, the previous beta of Chrome 9 people have been using quite happily. Today is the day that it has been fully released and is available for downloading, if you want to download it then click here.

Some of the things you can expect to see in the updated version of the browser are a stable build that includes the Chrome Webstore, WebGL and also Chrome Instant as we have been told from the Chrome Blog. The WebGL is quite an exciting feature, this looks to bring new technology of accelerated graphics in 3D whilst browsing.

Have you been using Chrome 9 already? What do you think of it? Have you noticed any problems so far?