Facebook Challenged To Go Green Before Earth Day

The environmental oranisation Greenpeace has issued a challenge to the social networking giant Facebook, to go green before Earth Day on the 22nd of April.

The NGO has appealed to Facebook to change the way they are currently generating the electricity to power their huge network of computers. Mark Zuckerberg and his massive operation are getting their electricity supply from a coal powered station and Greenpeace are appaled by the CO2 that is emitted as a result.

Greenpeace has called this new project “unfriend coal” which must be catchy as it has already amassed 600,000 supporters according to Business Standard. That is around 1/10 of Facebook’s active user base. Greenpeace has stated that they would idealling like Facebook to become totally coal free by 2021, and agree to their offer by Earth Day, as reported by Silcon India.

It will be the decesion of the CEO Mark Zuckerbeg on whether to take up the challenge; however it is a big ask for a comapny like Facebook to dramatically change their organisation in such a way when electrcity is the most vital part of their operation. Are Greenpeace asking too much and do they have a right to? Leave us your thoughts.