Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition: Preview Pictures

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games ever especially in the world of mobile gaming. There have been different editions of it including a Christmas one, a board game. We have even heard that after the Valentine’s edition there will be a Rio version.

Now we have heard reports that the new Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition has had some pictures of the game released. Ina Fried from over at has written an article including them all, so let’s not waist any more time and show them to you.

In anticipation of the game we have been checking out things related to Angry Birds and have found on YouTube quite an amusing video of someone who has setup their own Angry Birds real life game. The pigs look like they are green balloons and the red bird looks like a soccer ball or something like that. You can head to the bottom of the article to see the video.

As the Kevin Krause says over at Phandroid, don’t expect to see the Valentine’s edition move to far away from the normal Angry Birds style but perhaps we will see some new small additions, maybe a new bird like a ‘love bird’ or something like that.

Are you looking forward to the new edition Angry Birds? What suggestions for different Angry Birds do you have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.