4 More New Towns Will Benefit From 40Mbps BT Infinity

BT has announced that it is set to expand its super quick broadand to an extra 4 towns in the UK.

The 4 benefiting towns are Capel in Surrey, Burley in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, Marton in Warwickshire and Lindfield in West Sussex. The big plan is to get their scheme BT Infinity up and running by the start of 2012, delivering a very fast speed of 40mbps around the country.

The towns who were selected won a competition was called “the race to infinity” and so as result got the super fast broadband. Towns voted and the first to receive 1000 would be chosen to receive the service, according to Cnet. The The new service which we will be seeing in around a years time will have the opportunity to compete against Virgin Media’s new service which dishes out an amazing 100mbps.

Broadband Choices has been apeaking to a BT spokesman and she said that “The Race to Infinity received a tremendous response”. It is possible that BT will run the scheme again so that they can take their broadband to your area. Are you lucky enough to have BT infinity coming to your town?

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