Xbox 360 Wireless Headset: Mad Catz To Produce It

When it comes to Xbox 360 accessories we can tell you about a few, some of them include the Razer Onza tournament and standard edition controllers and another major one that has helped the Microsoft sales this year is the Kinect.

Now we are reporting on a new wireless headset that is said to be being made by Mad Catz. If you go back a few years 3rd party hardware wasn’t really favorable but partnerships like this one between Mad Catz and Microsoft are becoming more common. This news came through a press release that can be seen over on the Mad Catz official website, click here to read it. At this moment in time there are no pictures of the headphones so we will have to wait for that.

Another reason that the 3rd party hardware is doing better these days is because of the technological advancements the world has made, this means that they can start to manufacture goods to the same high standards as the likes of Microsoft and Sony.

According to Ray Willington over at he says that Mad Catz has this week landed some kind of licensing deal to co-brand the wireless headphones for the Xbox 360 console. Willington goes on to say that these aren’t going to be out for a while and that he expects further details at E3 later on in the year.

You can also read up on some opinion on wireless headsets and the frustration of a wire dangling down on your chest from over at MTV Multiplayer where Adam Rosenberg has written an article. Rosenberg goes on to re-iterate the fact that the specs aren’t yet available but it is an expectation that the headphones will produce Dolby 5.1 sounds.

What do you think of the partnership between the originals and a 3rd party company to make a product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.