Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-order problems: How about you?

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the Verizon iPhone, due for release on February 10, since it was finally announced and among our recent posts were one about existing Verizon Wireless customers being able to pre-order online from today, more about prices and talk plans, and then also a post saying that pre-orders would be open to all on February 9.

Earlier today we also reported on the initial pre-ordering going live and asked if stocks would last. We’ve just heard via a report by Sinead Carew and Jonathan Oatis on Reuters, that some Verizon customers have hit problems when trying to pre-order their iPhones. Online orders began to be taken at 3AM ET today and although Verizon said it was prepared for the demand, things haven’t gone quite to plan it seems.

Although Verizon said that most customers have been able to pre-order without problem, spokesperson Brenda Raney said, “We are aware that some customers have received error messages and we are working through the issues with the individuals to ensure they get their order placed.” Robert W. Johnson over on Business Insider, also reports on the pre-order problems and says he tried to order one himself today and had no joy in 3 hours.

We’d like to hear from you if you are a Verizon customer who used the pre-ordering system for the Apple iPhone 4 today. Did you manage to pre-order smoothly or have you noticed any problems? Please do send us your comments on this.

  • carlos

    I ordered my phone via the apple website at 12:04 pacific time with no problem. At first I did try the verizon site but it didn’t go through.

  • Brittany

    No luck! keep getting error messages.

  • Maureen

    I was online at 3AM ordering my phone. I had one non-Verizon error when logging into my account, probably due to the high traffic, but it cleared right up. I got my order placed quickly without trouble, and even got to order some accessories because of my NE2 credit knocking the cost down a little bit, which I wasn't expecting. Very pleased and I can't wait to get my new phone! I've been loyal to Verizon and waited years for this, and I am so happy that I did! Good things DO come to those who wait.

  • Alec

    Not happy with verizon. waited up until 2 ct and as soon as it opened and i received a message saying "sorry, an error has occured" kept trying for an hour with the same result. what a wasted night! i realized this morning that i could order through apple. i tried one more time with verizon which didnt work. i then went to the apple site and had my iphone ordered within 10 minutes! very disappointed with verizon but happy to have mine oredered!

  • Susie

    Same – I tried for over an hour right at Midnight PT and kept getting the same error message. Finally I tried the Apple site – thank goodness they were prepared because Verizon obviously wasn't!

  • Ted

    Hmmmmmm lets see, 80 million people going to the same website, some just curious, others to really order the phone, othere going just cause. Of course there was going to some hiccups. Did we forget we are still dealing with an electronic system run by humans? Lets us common sense. At least Verizon anticipated this would happen and made it available to order the phone from But being patient allowed me to order my phone from My Verizon with no problem.

  • John

    No luck here after trying for several hours. Just an error message. I have tried it on several different browsers as well and the results are the same.

  • Carla

    I woke up at 3am to order phone. Received 'invalid shipping address' error on Billing/Shipping screen, no matter what address I put in. No Verizon phone support available to help. This morning, I searched the internet to find if others had problems and saw that my issue was common and might have been browser related. I tried another pc (w IE 7) – my first pc had IE 8 on it), and was able to order phone without a glitch. Seems to me that Verizon should have tested across browsers…and had phone support available if they're going to release a product at 3am.

  • Raskell

    I tried the Verizon site and got no where. I just gave up and went to bed. I later tried the apple site but they said they were no longer taking preorders.

  • John

    I tried ordering using Google's Chrome browser. When I selected that I wanted it shipped to a business, it kept erroring saying that I needed to include the business name. But, no option for supplying a business name appeared on the page. I'm a web developer and I figured out the web page programming issue and used Chrome's built in tools to override it and complete checkout.

  • Tyler

    wow. this is terrible. i've had that exact error message for 12 hours. so much for a "smooth" ordering process for existing customers. makes me think I should just switch to AT&T.

  • Twiggy

    verizon site indicated no longer taking pre-orders…..very disappointing loyal Verizon customer not pleased at all with the information not clearly indicating if there are no more phone to pre-order or just too much traffic on the site for them to handle…may just switch to another carrier like Spint or TMobile and forget the pipe dream of the iPhone on Verizon

  • Maria B.

    I woke up at 330am eastern time to preorder. By the time I got to the shipping address part, I kept getting 'invalid shipping address'. First of all, my billing address was incorrect. My street address was correct but my apartment # was left out so I corrected it. After trying for an hour, 430am, it still said 'invalid shipping address.' I gave up and went back to bed. I tried again at 630am and my order went through with no problem. So weird. But when I printed out my confirmation, my apartment # was not included. I called customer support and they said they couldn't help me and that I had to call them back 2/9/11 to discuss my address. Such a hassle! Hope to get that fixed so I can get my IPHONE soon.

  • Berto

    I woke at 1:00 am MST, entered my order the Verizon site without a hitch on the first try and then went back to bed promptly. In the morning I received conformation that my order was being processed and that the phone would ship on February 10th.. I've been a Verizon customer since 1996 and for the most part very happy with my service. I trust that my favorable experience continues as Verizon expands their market.

  • Jenny

    Ordered at 8:30 a.m. Pacific no problem. But message says order will ship on Feb 10. That's the general release date, so what's the advantage of the "pre-order"? VZW should have indicated before the transaction that ship date would be Feb 10.

  • Kimberly

    Took about 30 tries between 3 am and 4:35 am. When discussing with Verizon the have told me they had no issue with their website and it was a problem with my cache and cookies. Typical Verizon customer service. No accountability

  • Brett

    I tried On the 3 with many calls to Customer service

    As Verizon’s site could not locate my address.

    Verizon reps told me to do so many things including

    Prepay my bill. Finally on the 9th I was lucky

    And got to speak with a director that changed my address

    To a friends in a another zip code and the order took.

    Now I have a phone due to arrive Feb 18th.

    Had a similar problem with Case mate registered and then

    Signed in and gave me a ladies name and address from


  • Christine

    I've had major problems …February 3rd at 1am Mountain Time I pre-ordered the phones (three to be exact) and I was sent a confirmation number so everything seemed ok. However, the next day when I called to make sure it was all good the woman said there was an error pending and she couldn't figure out why. It is now February 10th, 5 long phone calls have been placed to their call center and I still don't have my iPhone. I should have just waited and gone in to the store in person. This is a major joke, especially since no one can tell me why there is an error and no one can seem to fix it.