The Perfect Smartphone: Shame It’s A Concept

When you think about your realistic perfect smartphone what do you think of? We think of dual-core processing, high levels of RAM, perhaps a nice big touch screen and all of the standard features that you see these days and maybe even Honeycomb after watching Google’s event as it looks so impressive.

Well Slashgear’s Robert Evans has reported on what looks like it could and would be the perfect smartphone and describes it as a ‘Freaking Transformer’. It’s been designed by Lin Jian Feng of Yanko Design so be sure to take a look at their official website.

Let’s talk through some of the pictures features on Yanko Design’s webpage, the first is pretty self explanatory and looks to take advantage of where Apple may have gone wrong with the iPhone, different colors of the same device. Shown in the pictures you have black, white, pink, blue and orange.

The second picture shows the device in all its glory displaying some of the cool aesthetic features which we will mention later. We like the fact that the screen looks to be on some kind of hinge so that you can lay if flat on the table and pull it up to which ever angle you want.

Yanko’s concept device looks to have a two-part slide out keyboard from the back but that’s not all, featured on one side is what looks like an analogue. On the other side we can see the left/right clicking functionality with a button in the middle for the mouse roller. This device looks more like a tiny tablet PC than a phone and if it were to be running an OS as powerful as Honeycomb then this would be fantastic. It’s a shame that it’s a concept device!

If this was readily available, would you ditch your iPhones and Android devices for it? What would be on your feature wish-list for the ultimate smartphone? Tell us in the comments below.