Sony Xperia Play: Leaked Commercial – Your Thoughts?

The guys at Sony have definitely been busy, the amount of separate things they have been working on in the last little while is amazing, one of which is allowing the Sony PlayStation phone or as it’s better known, the Xperia Play to be seen. Other things they have been up to include readying the PSP2 and showing it at a live event whilst sending out an update for PS3 users. They have even found time to release an app for the PSN.

Back to the Xperia Play, we are all expecting some kind of announcement at MWC 2011 and the commercial that has been leaked is here just in time. As we already know, Sony doesn’t do things by halves they go all out. That’s why you may think the advert is a little strange but we kind of like the giant Android.

Engadget’s Joseph L.Flatley has written an article saying similar things to those we said above but it a slightly different way, Flatley says “it wouldn’t be an ad campaign for a Sony game system with a suitable ‘wtf’ moment” so why would the phone be any different.

The ad finishes with a voice saying that it’s a smartphone with everything you need and the one thing you want, but by this point we were still a little taken back by an Android with thumbs, but at least they have finally cleared up the name issue. It’s an impressive advertisement from Sony, well done. Check it out at the bottom of the article.

Are you looking forward to the Sony Xperia Play’s release? Do you think we will hear more about it at MWC 2011? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.