Sceptre 24-inch Galaxy HDTV: Colors To Suit Personal Choice

When you make a choice to purchase a smaller screen sized TV for your kitchen or perhaps bedroom, you might tend to think of names such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and so on, but have you ever considered looking at Sceptre. Makers of LED/LCD TV’s, have just launched their 24-inch Galaxy Series widescreen HDTV.

What sets (excuse the pun) Sceptre TV’s apart from other competitors, is the array of color scheme to choose from. Do you get bored of having to make a purchase knowing that the only color available to you is black? has reported that the 24-incher comes in black, pearl white, blue, red, pink and chrome.

If the color choice for you is not the main selling point, then take a moment to peruse the specification list. Doubling up as not just a TV but a PC monitor, will give users the benefit of watching favorite TV programmes or just gaming, the TV packs a resolution of 1920 x 1080, dual HDMI ports and USB port, LED backlighting providing piece of mind that you are saving power therefore doing your bit for the environment.

Vice President of Sceptre’s Operations “Cathy Chou,” said, “Sceptre introduces colors to complement different lifestyles, allowing users to immerse themselves in outstanding images without sacrificing personality, décor and style. Users now have a choice and no longer need to settle for the traditional black.”

As via reported, the Sceptre range can be purchased for a MSRP of $399, and is available from Target, Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon and so on. If after digesting the specifications and colors, you feel this is the set for you then head on over to

Tell us if you will be tempted by one of these TV’s? Is it about time we had more choice when it comes to finding electronic devices in varying colors?