iPhone 4 Verizon: Need To Think About A Compatible Case Now?

Following the announcement in January of the highly anticipated iPhone 4 on Verizon, it quickly became apparent that with the handset undergoing some slight changes in design, could possibly scupper any existing ideas to purchase a current iPhone 4 case. The phone’s design has slightly altered, seeing repositioning of the mute switch and volume buttons, and CDMA antenna being moved from the top to the side.

Good news for iPhone 4 enthusiasts but not so good for case manufacturers. Today the iPhone 4 Verizon begun its journey with customers being able to pre-order their devices. So with yours possibly in the bag or the fact that you may be waiting for its official release on the 10 February, now is the time to start considering your accessories, particularly a case to protect your device from scratches and knocks/bumps.

Over at Mashable to make your life that little less complicated, they have kindly put together some cases for your perusal each varying in design and price. Here at OSM, we have looked through and picked out 3 of our favorites. Tell us what you think, and if you are tempted?

The first on our list is that of the Case-Mate Pop retailing for $29.99. Made up from co-molding materials of plastic and soft rubber, this will not only protect your handset but will feel soft to the touch. Rubber sides make for an easy grip, plus users will still have accessibility to all ports and functions, screen protection kit supplied with a choice of colors.

Image of Uncommon Deflector Case

The next is the Uncommon Deflector for $34.95. What we liked about this case, is that you can customise it by downloading your favorite photos or picking from Uncommon’s artwork list.

Lastly, the design we wanted to tell you about is that of the iLuv Glow-in-the-Dark case for $19.99. It will give you a stylish out of the ordinary case with glowing patterns, as well as including a protective screen film. These can now be ordered direct at

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4? What case if any, takes your fancy?

  • Richard

    well, if it's not an iphone 4 case, but a holster to protect the Verizon iPhone 4 wrapped in a case (made for the Verizon iPhone 4, of course), then compatibility should not be an issue. i use a holster from small company called CASE123 to protect my iPhone 4 wearing a Speck Candyshell. The funniest thing is, they are both about the same price, even though the holster is genuine leather!!