Foursquare Teams With BBC America For 6 Nations Rugby

Foursquare has recently had some competition from other social networking sites such as Facebook with its new deals page and also from Google with its new Latitude system but Foursquare is currently the best for check-ins, right?

We have reported of various things happening recently with Foursquare including them teaming up with colleges and universities, how its working with restaurants and bars as well as asking you if you are actively taking advantage of the deals that are being offered through the social networking geo-location giant.

Now we are reporting that Foursquare are teaming up with BBC America for the 6 Nations Rugby. So what does this mean for all you Foursquare followers out there? As say in their article, you will be able to check-in to more than 100 sports bars across the US and also in the host countries.

So if you live in Ireland, Wales, England, France, Italy or Scotland, when you check-in to your compliant bar you can receive your Virtual Badge. We at OSM are finding it pretty interesting that so many different companies and establishments are teaming up with the location giant. Remember you can keep up with the 6 Nations Rugby over at their official website.

Will you be checking-in to watch the 6 Nations Rugby with Foursquare? Let us know in the comments section below.