Facebook Hacker Burgles Zynga Of Poker Chips

Facebook on the web is quite often the centre of attention, mainly because of its massive user base and frequent visitors that sometimes point out flaws. Even so they continue to make advancements in the world of social networking in different ways.

In the last little while, we have seen the guys from the social networking giant tackle a security issue discovered by two students pretty rapidly, we have seen them launch their Facebook deals page and we have also reported on how they will be showing the ‘Mighty Mouse’ Vs Yamamoto fight for free live using the UFC page.

We are now hearing reports of a British hacker who has not only managed to nestle in and pose as an admin for Zynga’s Poker game app on Facebook. He has then helped himself to billions of poker chips equating to an overall value of about $12 million.

The culprit’s name is Ashley Mitchell and he didn’t only steal the chips, oh no, he proceeded to sell the stolen chips charging £430 for 400 billion at a time. As the BBC News website says, Zynga noticed that there were a vast number of chips that were going missing so they set a trap for the thief, Mitchell walked straight into it.

Over at Technolog Athima Chansanchai is reporting that Ashley Mitchell will now face a lengthy prison sentence for his crime. Chansanchai also mentions that the fact he committed this crime whilst he was under a suspended sentence for previously hacking into the local council’s computers. An important note is that Mr.Mitchell has pleaded guilty to the charges.

At least he has been caught but would Zynga have noticed had he been stealing a smaller amount? We don’t think so. Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments section below.

  • Muriel Dsilva

    Dear Zynga,
    Would to report , bout how u people , had sent me a violatin code mesg yesterday stating that i have been transferrin chips to my buddies, which over da previous period i do accept that i did. n paid up da fine u guys entrusted on my a/c.Ever since that lesson taught by ur terms , n conditions i strickly, stopped helpin my friends n buddies n yet yesterday i was charged for no rime or reason, i worked my way up so hig havin won in a fair way n reached 27 Mill's. Why? do i need to pay dis penalty friends, i would like to hear from u people as soon as possible since it has made it very difficult for me to continue playin dis game when i am relly carzy bout dis game. Plz do da needful n help in restorin my chips which i have won in a fair manner .
    Will be lookin forward to hear from u people as soon as possible .
    Thankin You,
    Regards, Muriel Dsilva.