‘Anonymous’ Hackers Strike Again: This time Egyptian government

Recently we’ve been giving you lots of news about the protests in Egypt and our most recent posts after the Internet was blocked there, were about how people were finding ways around the ban and lack of access to social networking sites, and then yesterday we told how the Internet had been at last partially restored.

You may also know about how WikiLeaks has been in the news recently and among our posts were one on how a group of hackers in support of WikiLeaks, known as ‘Anonymous,’ were hacking into major company websites. Now it seems that this same group is attempting to show a bit of solidarity to the people of Egypt and have hacked into Egyptian government websites, according to Sarah Kessler over on Mashable.

‘Anonymous’ has so far hacked into the Ministry of Information website and also President Mubarek’s National Democratic Party website. The New York Times reports that an ‘Anonymous’ member said that the attacks were to show support for antigovernment protests. During the recent so-called “Twitter Revolution” in Tunisia ‘Anonymous’ also took down some government websites in support of the people.

Paul Wagenseil over on MSNBC also reports on this latest hacking by ‘Anonymous’ who have also attacked some websites in Yemen. What are your thoughts on ‘Anonymous’ showing solidarity to the people of Egypt in this way? Do you think it can make any real difference in the long-term? Why not send us your comments to let us know.