YouTube Michael Jackson Impersonator: Taxi Driver Goes Viral?

Video sharing site YouTube has become one of the most popular forms of uploading, sharing out and viewing videos. Set up in 2005 in California, it enables the user to look back at perhaps TV or movies, music videos and an individuals home footage. Companies can at times embrace the site as a way of marketing their products.

As Mashable reported, today its the turn of a Brazilian taxi driver who can be seen driving his cab, and impersonating the late Michael Jackson. Accompanied by a passenger in the back, the driver of yet no name, sung one of Jackson’s all time great tracks “Billie Jean.” I have to say on listening to him, he sounded absolutely brilliant, ok, so there are no doubt a few of you out there, who consider yourself his number one fan and sing along to all his records, but tell us what you think?

We have seen many everyday people such as the homeless man Ted Williams just a few weeks ago, who on standing on the side of a road with a cardboard sign, has suddenly experienced a celebrity status. Or what about the 8-year old girl who sung her heart out to the American national anthem whilst attending the Admirals Hockey game.

Tim here at OSM, reported on just some of our favorite YouTube videos. Check them out and let us know which one’s your favorite?

Take a look at the Brazilian singer below and give us your thoughts. Chances are, he won’t have to wait too long for a change of career?