White iPhone 4 Release: Yet Another Date

We have been keeping you up to date with the situation surrounding the Apple iPhone 4 in white, so far we have informed you of how it magically appeared on the Verizon page soon after the Verizon event, how it has started to appear on the AT&T listings and also asked you what all the fuss is about?

We even brought you a rumored release date of February 27th but it seems that different dates keep popping up. There’s another date that is flying around now, this time it’s supposedly going to be released at the end of March.

At OSM we had been beginning to doubt the entire release becuase if Apple stick to their tradition of refreshing the model each summer, it would only give a few months for the white iPhone to make an impact; this is also pointed out by Paul Lamkin from pocket-lint.com in his article. It looks like the guys at pocket-lint are trying to get some evidence to back up the claim.

Another source that are keeping a close eye on the situation is electronista.com, they go on to explain some of the reasoning behind the delay on the white iPhone 4 being down to some kind of flash photography problem on the paint and that there is now a new technique that has been developed for its manufacturing.

The iPhone in white has been delayed a few times and we are starting to wonder if there is any point in it being released. Of course, we want to know your opinion on the matter. Will the elusive white iPhone ever be released? Why stop at just white, why not release the device in multiple colors like they have with the iPod series? Surely if there were multiple choices then it would appeal to a wider audience?

Which date do you think is more likely or are you still skeptical? Will you just wait for the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments section below.