Google Latitude Check-Ins: Should Foursquare Worry?

Google are always looking to flex their might in which ever industry they choose to dip their toes into. It has become the dominant force in the world of the search engine fighting off competition from the likes of Yahoo to take the top spot.

Foursquare is growing social network that has been expanding further and further whilst securing deals with various companies to offer deals when users ‘check-in’ to a store or shop. You also get a badge in certain situations like with the Super Duper and Epic swarm badges.

Now we are hearing that Foursquare have some more competition in the check-in industry other than Facebook deals. Google has launched its own Latitude check-in mobile site. It has various settings on the mobile app that allows you to receive notifications if you have the auto-check-in on.

For instance, if you have been to a restaurant and checked in the previously, your next visit will recognize where you are and send you a notification asking if you want to check-in again. There’s also the auto-check out so that your fiends can see if you have left the vicinity. Why not head to the bottom of the article to watch a video on it.

Over at, Paul Lamkin is saying that it will be paired with the new Google maps 5.1 and that there are different types of check-in like ‘VIP’, Guru’ and ‘Regular’, Lamkin describes this as ‘a very Foursquare-esque’ move.

Another great feature of Google’s Latitude is that it’s coupled with Google Places; this means that you can easily read reviews on various restaurants at your different locations as mentioned in Google’s Mobile blog post.

An interesting thought on this, is that you cannot create your own check-in locations, could this be to do with the fact that if you check-out of your home everybody knows about it? There have always been different security issues such as criminal gangs targeting their victims using Facebook’s status.

What do you think of the new mobile check-ins for Google Latitude? Do you think they will start partnerships and offering deals for checking into different locations? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Fake Checkin

    I just hope that they actually require the device to be via GPS instead of "false" check-ins like those do on Foursquare to get a "badge." It takes all the fun out of the application when one can be across the country or world and show these status as such.