Facebook Deals: New Page Goes Live

As we know, Facebook has been growing an incredible rate. You are probably aware it has the largest user base of all the social networking sites. It has over 500 million users signed up and more than half of them are daily visitors performing activities.

We had already informed you that the Facebook deals were going live in the UK over the weekend and now we are informing you that there is a deals page which was launched today. It has a video on it that tells you a little about Facebook deals so watch that.

The deals page looks good, check out the picture of the front page for Facebook deals, you can see the video we mentioned is on the right hand side and on the left it mentions about different check-in software for Facebook, Android and Windows Phone 7. Beneath you will be able to see three tabs; these are ‘Your Local Deals, ‘How To Claim Details’ and ‘For Business Owners’. As you can see for us at this time, it is saying in the small print on the page, “Deals are currently available in a few select countries with many more on the way”. We are guessing this is going to change.

The next tab is ‘How To Claim Deals’, this tab is divided up into three sections; one of them is find deals when you are out and about. This could be any shop, they say on the Facebook page that restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues are included; you can get discounts from any of those types of store. See below for the 3 easy steps on claiming your deals.

The last part of the 2nd tab is called ‘get a deal for every occasion’; this explains each of the different type of deals, so far so good. Head on over and have a look for yourself.

Mashable’s Lauren Indvik mentiones something that we had noticed too, this seems to be a dedicated page at the moment, perhaps in the future will see the new deals functionality integrated into either the home page or put it the profile tab.

As for tab number three, ‘for business owners’, the focus of this page is about generating awareness creating the detail and then checking the completed guide as posted by Facebook. What are your thoughts on this so far? Let us know in the comment section below.