BlackBerry Curve 3G: Smoky Violet and Fuchsia Pink

Remember the days when the only time you would see a BlackBerry it would be in the hands of some guy in a suit carrying a brief case? Well as time has changed so has the user of RIM’s brilliant devices, as you’re aware more and more ladies are picking BlackBerry’s as the first choice of handset. With this new female following RIM have jumped in and brought a new colour scheme to the already popular BlackBerry Curve 3G.

The two new colour’s for the Curve 3G will be smoky violet and fuchsia pink, The violet coloured handsets are available now but are exclusive to T-Mobile. This can be yours from as little £25.54 with a 24 month contract, giving you 300 minutes, 300 texts, 500 mb of data and unlimited use of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). To see a few more pictures head over to and check out this post by Paul Lamkin.

Those that are interested in fuchsia pink will have a small wait on your hands, but don’t worry this is due to be hitting The Carphone Warehouse in time for Valentine’s day. You will also be able to pick this one up on contract from £20 a month or Pay as You Go for £199.95. Again for some more pictures catch another post by Paul Lamkin here.

Following on from one of our previous posts, you can now download the new BlackBerry 6 operating system which is available to all Curve 3G users. This update will improve existing features such as search features, surfing the web and also add some new ones including intuitive user interface and social feeds. Check out some videos of the new OS6 at the official BlackBerry site here.

Are there any new colours that you would like to see? Let us know your thoughts.