2011 Super Bowl Ad: Secret Angry Birds Level Code To Be Revealed

If one of America’s biggest events taking place this weekend isn’t enough to take, then news in today, is of the popular “very addictive” game Angry Birds. The Super Bowl XLV will commence in a few days time against teams the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, and for avid fans of the bird and pig game, there is now an opportunity to unlock a secret code for a new level.

According to Pocketlint, during Sunday’s footie game, a code will appear during the commercials. We reported on a new edition of Angry Birds named “Rio” which at the moment is being thrown around between makers Rovio and 20th Century Fox. The 2 collaborating will be based on the new movie Rio, and apparently as Tim here at OSM reported, will have 45 new levels with characters and events based around the film. Within an advert for the film, will be the code!

If you are lucky enough to access the code, then it will also double up as part of a competition. You could be in with a chance of winning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 22 March.

Will you be tuning in to Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials to get the code? Are you one of the many addictive fans?

  • Lee

    I’ve found the secret superbowl level already, level 13-12, fire the yellow bird off anywhere then fire the White bird the wrong way, as it leaves the screen drop the bomb, I did it by accident but it took my mate a few attempts

    • Chris Pereira

      EVERYONE zoom out then drop the bomb to the far left