White iPhone 4: Problems Resolved – Release Now Possible

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the legendary White iPhone 4; it has been expected to be released for a long time now. We have reported on a customized case where you can turn your black iPhone 4 into a white one.

Speculation crept up a notch when Verizon not only announced the CDMA iPhone at their event but they also added the white iPhone to their product page only for it to magically disappear in the same day. The device even started to appear in China!

Now we are hearing reports from AppleInsider that the device could indeed start shipping soon. We have already seen it appearing on listings for Best Buy and AT&T listings. If they don’t release the device soon then is there really going to be any point with the iPhone 5 just around the corner?

Steve Wozniak told Engadget that the manufacturing issue with the white iPhone handset has now been resolved and that the sought after device would soon be released. Could the prediction of the white iPhone being released on February 27th be correct? Alan Ng from over at PRNews is speculating that we may now be able to look forward to the release.

Do you think Apple has missed the boat on this one? Is it too late for the iPhone 4 to appear in white? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments section below.