Verizon iPhone 4 Update Released: iOS 4.2.6 Prior To Launch

Following the update that we have seen to iTunes during this week, where its been updated to reached version 10.1.2, which is believed to be specifically for the CDMA iPhone 4. We are nearing the release of the device and we have just heard that an update has been released for it already!

The update we are talking about is OS 4.2.6. Why has it been released now you may be wondering? According to Apple Insider, the suspicions are that there have been a few devices passed around to journalists and bloggers. Going back to the Verizon event in January, the demo devices are believed to have been running iOS 4.2.5 which would suggest that Apple between then and now have made several minor adjustments, head over and read the full AI article.

According to Slashgear’s Chris Burns, only the Verizon version of the iPhone will be receiving this update, Burns sourced 9to5Mac where Mark Gurman has written an article. He has informed us all of the size of the update being 652MB and also that he expects the iOS 4.3 update to follow quickly after the launch of the CDMA iPhone on Verizon which should contain the hotspot features.

If you would like to download the update then you can by clicking here. Of course, this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea playing around with the firmware but others like to have a look and see what they can exploit. We are looking forward to finding out if there has been anything implemented to stop the jailbreaking of iPhones.

What do you think the update is for? What are your thoughts on the Verizon iPhone so far? Let us know in the comments section below.