Take To The Skies With Facebook: Free For February

For many, the thought of being denied Facebook access is like the idea of having a limb removed. But for those of you that may be about to take to the skies, will be pleased to know that throughout this month, accessibility to the site will be free.

News has come through today that some of the airlines have joined forces with “Gogo In-flight Internet” and “Ford,” to offer this very service to flying customers. Airlines included will be American Airlines, Delta, U.S. Airways, Virgin America amongst others. As Mashable reported, the new collaboration will give customers access to Gogo’s Wi-Fi network as soon as they turn on their electronic device, and will then have the opportunity to access Facebook via the Ford/Facebook banner.

The only downside to this, yes there had to be one, is that anything other than Facebook, will be charged at a starting fee of $4.95, and as pcworld.com reported, can rise to $13 dependant on the duration of the flight. According to In-Stat Analyst “Amy Cravens” at least 7-10% of passengers on a WiFi flight would be willing to pay for the service.

What are your thoughts on being able to access Facebook whilst on your flight? Is it really necessary? Let us know.