Sony DSC-HX100V & DSC-HX9V Release & Price: Coming April

Here at OSM we like to keep you in touch with new camera news and recently posted on the Olympus XZ-1, the Samsung SH100 and the Samsung NX11. Now for all you camera enthusiasts out there we have news on two Sony cameras, the DSC-HX100V and the HX9V.

There were some recent leaks about these but now there has been official word on the two devices and it’s looking good. These top-end 16.2-megapixel cameras have some very impressive specs, detailed in the press release from PR Newswire, brought to us from Ben Bowers over on Engadget. Both of these cameras can record 1920 x 1080 60p HD video and the DSC-HX100V sports a 27mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonar T lens with 30x optical zoom while the DSC-HX9V has a 24mm Sony G lens with 16x optical zoom.

Both cameras also support Intelligent Sweep Panorama HR mode capable of capturing up to 42.9-megapixel panoramic images with a stunning resolution of 1048 x 4096. These Cyber-shot line cameras also both have GPS, Dual Recording functions and 3D Sweep Panorama mode. Pre-sale will begin this month with both cameras having a release date of April. As far as pricing is concerned the DSC-HX100V will set you back around $450 while the HX9V will cost $350.

For more on these head to the Engadget link above where you can also see the full press release. You may also be interested in an article about these super-zoom cameras over on What are your initial thoughts on these 2 new Sony Cyber-shot cameras? We’d be interested to know so please do send in those comments.