Social Media Site “Digg” Entices Users With New Redesign

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace attract huge numbers of users to their sites everyday, so much so, that in some cases the sites have taken over our everyday lives. But for one site Digg, it is hoped that with a complete redesign of their site with some major changes, user numbers will gradually increase.

The site which was initially set up by Kevin Rose, has as Mashable reported, at times found it difficult to keep up pace with its contenders. On changing its overall redesign, it appears that Digg has listened to customer feedback to not only entice people back onto the site but to keep them there.

Firstly we can see on looking at the site, that key topic areas such as Gaming, Science and Tech have now been moved, from the side of the page to feature at the top. The site which gives users the opportunity to vote up or down on stories named “Digging” or “Burying” has now been tidied up along with the “submit” box being more noticeable to the eye. Along with the topics, the submit box has been moved at the top of every page, whilst if a user decided to access search, this has now been downsized to a magnifying glass icon.

Image of New Interface

On looking at the profile pages and statistics, as reported, this too has been altered to give users the opportunity to see what stories have been pushed to the top along with handy tips to speak of, this is given to the user via a notification alert via e-mail or on the site. At the top of every profile page, a comments, submission and stats box will be seen.

New features mentioned can be seen over the next few weeks, but one idea that grabbed my attention was that of the “opt-in” feature. This basically gives the user the opportunity to choose between the old and new interface. Depending on what your preference is, you can swap back.

Tell us what you think about the new screen compared to the old?