New York Times launch “follow us” with Twitter and Facebook

If you’re a follower of the New York Times you may have read our post a while back about how print newspapers were losing popularity but that news as a commodity was still thriving with online news looking set to be the future way ahead. We also reported how the New York Times was to launch a social news service.

Now we hear that the New York Times is indeed getting with the…ahem, times…and has now launched a “follow us” link with Twitter and Facebook on its homepage. Lauren Indvik over on Mashable tells how a small logo for both Twitter and Facebook has now been placed on the same line near the top, as the search box.The newspaper already has 2.9 million followers on Twitter and over a million on Facebook.

You may also be interested in an article by Brett Pulley over on Bloomberg, which reports on how the New York Times Co. is currently still fixing some problems on its paywall, shortly before it plans to start charging online readers. The newspaper’s plans for charging subscribers is targeted to begin in March so there’s not a lot of time left to sort out all the remaining gitches.

The success, or not, of this venture will be a good example for other newspapers trying to decide where to draw the line between paid and free online content, so many other newspapers and organizations will be watching what happens with interest.