iPad Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab: Return Rates

As the battle of the tablet PC’s progress released figures could reveal who is really winning the war. Apple’s iPad and the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab are two of the most popular tablet PC’s on sale today, but which one is really the best? According to recently published surveys it looks as though the iPad is has come out on top.

In brief it seems since launch the iPad has had a return rate of 2 percent, where its rival the Galaxy Tab has had a vast return rate of 16 percent. It appears that these figures have been released by investment research company ITG, who carried out surveys of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s return rate through 6000 us wireless stores, although it is not clear how many Verizon stores were surveyed for Apple’s iPad.

There still seems to be no reasoning behind why these devices are being returned, we can only imagine that this could be down to such things as screen size, operating system or user experience. Clint Boulton over at eweek.com appears to think it may be due to many other things, even possibly the leak of Motorola’s Xoom tablet that could have caused a large surge in returns. Catch his full post here and see if you agree.

Whether it’s the release of the new Motorola Xoom or word of the infamous ipad 2, these figures should be enough to make Samsung kick it up a level and come back with something better. Over at PRNews they have been discussing how Apple needs the iPad 2 to be as popular as the first, as there will now be more competition this time round.

Have you returned your Samsung Galaxy Tab recently? If so, why?