Another Super Bowl Advert: This Time Its Google Chrome

We at OSM are keeping a close eye out for some of the innovative Super Bowl adverts that normally come about at this time of year. We have already reported on Motorola’s advert for what looks like its XOOM tablet PC, the best-in-show device from CES 2011. We also reported that the ‘homeless man with the golden voice’ Ted Williams may also be making an appearance in an advertisement.

Now we are hearing reports that there’s another Super Bowl advert that has surfaced, this time it’s for Google Chrome. This follows Google’s first ever ad which was called “Parisian Love”, this is quite an odd choice when you think about how much money gets pumped into the adverts for this single day. Many people including Donovan Leiber of are saying that they should have perhaps gone with their Android merchandise.

The ad from Google isn’t the most advanced that we have seen by any means, instead Google seems to have opted for a simple white back ground displaying various words on the screen in the Google colors. They have gone with simple but effective style.

Of course, we could all be wrong, this may not be the Super Bowl ad, as we also speculate with the Motorola ad. We may not be seeing the whole thing or even the right one. Something that Phandroid’s Kevin Krause says which is pretty interesting in his article is his interesting insight of why Google hasn’t opted to go with an Android advert. He says, why should Google spend millions of dollars when other companies (like Motorola) are going to advertise it for them?

Enough talk about it, head down the bottom of the article and watch the advert for yourself. If just watching the advert from our page has made you want to download the Chrome browser for yourself then don’t worry, just click here to be directed through.

Do you think this is the actual Google Chrome advert for the Super Bowl? Are you impressed or do you think they could have done better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.