YourTango: Create Facebook “Break Up With Your Ex” Day

Valentines day is fast approching and if you are single, you may find yourself sitting there regularly looking at your ex-partners Facebook profile.

Well get up and get out there, to celebrate “Break Up With Your Ex Day”! YourTango has labelled February 13th (aka pre Valentines day) a new day where you put all of the old memories to rest and celebrate moving on. The site has suggested you unfriend all of your ex boyfriends and girlfriends on Facebook.

Mashable has reported that 48% of 1,047 Americans claimed they looked at their former partner’s Facebook profile, tweets and Foursquare check-ins far too often. The results were gathered by information from YourTango’s Facebook page and YourTango has made a list of steps to take when Valentines day looms and it sounds brutal!

Some of the steps include deleting all past relations from social netoworks, untagging all photos and videos that you shared together, deleting all of your songs that remind you of the ex partner, start trying to date other people and also delete their email adress and contact deatails from your phone book and instant messaging services. Basically wipe all of your ex partners off the face of the earth. If it all seems too hard you can try Electronic Breakup, good luck! Will you participate?