Windows Phone 7 Update Release Confusion: Feb 7th or 14th?

As many of you Windows Phone 7 fans out there may be aware, there is a much awaited update due out codenamed NoDo.As you can see from one of our previous post, this has been a very anticipated update. Everyone waiting for this update has all set their hopes for February 14th, although it seems a new date has come up of February 7th.

The confusion seems to stem from a few French sites posting that this update will be available February 7th, more interestingly a post by Tom Warren from over at winrumors has confirmed that Microsoft have released this update for distribution. To read his full post click here.

With this update we can expect two main features, an app performance update which will improve app loading time and the speed of switching apps, and also a cut and paste ability. With the app performance update users should notice a vast improvement in the loading time of both apps and games.

If this update improves the performance as well as we hope, this would make using your favourite WP7 apps and games such as Facebook and Fruit ninja a breeze. For a refresh on all available apps and games for WP7 follow this link to the official Microsoft page.

With Windows Phone 7 users being able to access in excess of 5,500 apps, is this update going to be enough to keep us all happy?