Richard Keys & Andy Gray Quotes App Hits iPhone

With the furious heat from the sexist saga cooling down, it still looks like the companies out there are trying to milk the incidident abit more before it dies.

Apple have released the Andy Gray and Richard Keys funniest football quotes app on their online store and are set to make a killing. Beware! You may be displeased to hear that unforunately the app does not include the sexist quotes which all of the lads out there are looking for. “Just put that down there love” and “Did you smash it?” do not appear according to Electric Pig, so dont be too fast to depart with your cash.

If you buy Quapps selection of sounds from the app store then you will get the popular catchphrases like “Take a bow son”, but for obvious reasons there is not a sniff of sexism to be seen. Sky’s most popular pair of sports presenters both left last week and have been subjected to intense media attention after comments made about female assistant referee Sian Massey.

The app is up for grabs for £1.19 on Apple’s Store and really is nothing more than a cash in on what has been a largely overblown story. If you are a fan of the two presenters and enjoy their banter then this app is highly recommended, but dont expect to play it to make fun of the girls. Get in touch with us if you plan to download the app and tell us what you think of the whole sexism saga.