Plentyoffish: Dating Site Hacked

The free online dating site Plentyoffish has been the victim of hacking recently. The bad news was broken by the companies CEO, Markus Frind, on his blog, although the website itself has not released an official statement.

Mashable has reported that Frind is warning users about visiting the website due to it being comprimised by cyber criminals. Frind did go on to say that the security hole had been fixed and all passwords had been reset but if users were going to enter the site they shoild do it with caution.

According to Switched, the Plentoffish CEO named and shamed an Argentinian hacker named Chris Russo. Frind revealed that Russo was behind the attack and also tried to extort money from him; and was going to sue in response. The damage to the dating site was supposedly the theft of usernames, e-mails and passwords.

If these claims against Russo are true, then it is likely he will face heavy punishment as cyber crime is a big deal nowadays. If the computer crime is severe enough he could even face a short term jail sentence. We recommend that all Plentyoffish users check that their accounts and credit card details have not been tampered with and to change all passwords immediately. Let us know if you were affected by this hacking.

  • Luca

    Hi I'm Luca Fenochietto, (called the mastermind by Frind) if you are interested in knowing the real version of the story email me and I will tell you what really happened…