Notion Ink Adam Shipment Delays: Was Your Touchscreen Affected?

Some might say that the introduction of the new Notion Ink Adam tablet from start-up Notion Ink, has been tainted with bad luck from the beginning. The device which we have brought you news on throughout this month, is receiving more than its fair share of problems, such as initial delays due to FCC labelling issues amongst others.

Following on from this, the Adam then endured criticism from some customers in relation to the matte finish scratch resistant display, which in fact was made up of matte glass with the need of a screen protector. If this wasn’t enough for the poor tablet, then along came yet another snag, the software update was not working properly, which caused disappointment amongst its customers.

Today, an email as Engadget reported, has been sent out to customers informing them of subsequent delays until February 14, Valentines Day. This is due to a despatch of touchscreens which have been damaged, in fact 5% of all orders will be affected, according to the company’s chief “Rohan Shravan.” Good news it seems, as added to this reported, Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 update will roll out as soon as Notion Ink receive the stable SDK files.

Did you receive an email? Or have you, yourself had problems with the software update glitch? Let us know.

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    Yes, I was one of the many who received yet another delay in shipment.

    It is a shame. I pre-ordered, got a date for shipment right then. Then everything has been going wrong (or should I say going wrong being worsened by wrong decisions!).

    – “Calculation errors” pushed my “estimated shipment date” from Jan 9 to Jan 15 – Jan 22.

    – Jan 22nd, lo and behold without any notification (nothing in spam either), the shipment date was pushed to Jan 29.

    – Jan 30, I get an update e-mail saying a small fraction has been pushed to Feb 14 because of damage to shipment.

    Rohan’s blog “explains” things, without a single mention of apology and condescendingly says “a little more patience please”. These are paying customers, who have shown faith, trust, and support without any qualms (thus far), and paid upfront more than 60 days (shipment date being Feb 14 – it will be).

    Instead of expressing any sincerity in gratitude, apology, or alternatives, the condescension appears to be high-handed, and rather sad.

    Very sad and a huge letdown!

    I requested cancellation of my order to spare myself from any further frustrations of continuing delays.

    I got my cancellation, and fortunately without cancellation charges (which would have further aggravated the frustrations).

    It is accompanied with sadness and relief (that I am done and over with potential frustrations further because of mishandling of order processing, poor customer support/service, and not have to deal with the product quality issues people have been complaining about).

    —- cancellation e-mail from NI —

    We have taken note of your request for cancellation and have processed the same.
    We sincerely apologise for the delays caused and have not charged you any cancellation charges. A full refund has been requested for your order.
    Please note that it may take anywhere between 10-21 days for your refund to be processed. But we would like to assure you that we have done our part in the refund process and reversed the transaction.
    We request you to treat this mail as a confirmation of the cancellation of your order NIOXXXXXXXXX.
    In case you need any further assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to help.
    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team