Motorola Atrix 4G Multimedia Dock: Another Accessory

As we wait for Motorola’s latest Atrix 4G handset, prices have been leaked setting a mark of $150 for Motorola’s 4G smartphone. To add to this there has been extra news giving us some idea on costs for accessories to enhance your new device.

Through information found by Gizmodo, an HD multimedia dock will be rolled out at around $60. These audio enhancements will, not only pack three USB ports, to enable connection of a keyboard, mouse or external hard drive, but also a microHDMI outlet. So adding more options other than just the normal charging facility, the dock has the ability to connect the Atrix to either your laptop or standalone PC.

By the time we see the Atrix 4G released on to the shelves around mid February, prices will be out of the rumor stage. BGR state that if speculation is to be believed, $360 could see subscribers gaining a 4G, dual-core smartphone accompanied by multimedia capabilities and a laptop dock. Now while this may be expense for a contract phone, if you consider that it will give you the advantages of a top-spec device without the need to fork out for a netbook as well.

So in the wake of CES excitement over Motorola’s 4G-smartphone involvements, we will just have to sit tight and wait for the concrete pricing evidence to come in.

As it’s only a few weeks away, do these rumored prices tickle your fancy if you’re in line for a new handset?