Microsoft and Apple in Trouble: Netgear CEO Explains

For years we have seen the ongoing battle between Microsoft and Apple for market dominance, now we are reading reports that Netgear’s CEO and global chairman Patrick Lo has launched an attack on Steve Jobs, Apple and has also had a dig at Microsoft.

Patrick Lo has said that Apple’s success was based on closed and proprietary products are going to be overtaken by other platforms that are classed as open such as the Google Android one. He has also said that Apple has been a success because they have been able to control everything based around its products including the hardware and software even down to content of apps through iTunes.

This isn’t a bad strategy really though is it? At the end of the day Apple offered something that nobody else did and that is choice. They gave the world the opportunity to move away from Windows and also from different types of mobile hardware, whilst offering everything and anything you could need. Just think about one of Apple’s sayings, “There’s an App For That”.

Patrick Lo has been quick to point out the fact that Android’s platform has recently overtaken that of Apple in the US smartphone shares but is this perhaps because the world is waiting for the iPhone 5? Android undoubtedly has something great going on with their OS and the constant updates but in the long run can they outlast Apple? This remains to be seen.

In the report from Asher Moses continued with some of the things that Lo has said, he has continued to criticize Steve Jobs for not taking on Flash claiming it is down to his ego. Once he had finished having a pop at Apple, he moved onto Microsoft, claiming that “Microsoft is over – game over”. Something that T3’s Luke Johnson cottoned onto as we did, was the way that Lo has said “Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away” seems a little off don’t you think, especially as Steve Jobs is in ill health.

Is Microsoft over? Not in our book, the way we at OSM see it is that both of the companies whilst they are competitors to each other will both continue to be successful. The majority of laptops out there in the world are split between the two of them!

What do you think of the Netgear chairman’s comments? Is Microsoft Over? Is Apple’s success going to go down the pan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.