LinkedIn’s Latest Features: Will You Use Them?

LinkedIn is certainly growing amongst a lot of companies who are looking at hiring new talent. With that in mind, we have reported various articles on LinkedIn such as some tips on improving your profile, the new InMaps and how LinkedIn is now worth almost $3 Billion.

Some of these are important when you are looking at and understanding different types of social business community types. There is now space to add a video on your service homepage as well as on each individual page; this is great if you have a company video that you can take advantage of using.

There’s also a client recommendation that has become available without actually visiting LinkedIn. You can have a ‘Recommend’ button placed on your website that can add to your corresponding business page on LinkedIn.

Another button that has been added is the share button; it’s pretty much identical to that of the Facebook Share however it updated your LinkedIn, you can add this to your website by visiting LinkedIn’s publishers page, there are various tutorials available that you can use to add it, this isn’t a bad one.

Head over to where Linda Coles has written a very informative article detailing even more of the new features on LinkedIn. You should also keep an eye on the official LinkedIn blog for more new features as they become available.

Will you be using the new features of LinkedIn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.