iPad 2 Components: What to expect

Since September last year, speculation has hit an all time high in relation to Apple’s iPad 2. Here at OSM we have brought you various reports including what the next-generation may look like, internal and external features, possible release date and price, of which we decided to put in one rumor roundup for you. News has been strongly pointing to February 9, with what is hoped to bring a release date of possibly sometime in April. Foxconn, the main component maker is reported to have already started production with an expected 4.5-5 million units being processed for Quarter 1.

This weekend has brought more news that has been circulating on the internet including as SlashGear reported, news of not just CDMA versions but GSM, better quality display, what processor is likely to be used, and its this we wanted to talk to you about. According to one Chinese analyst “Ming-Chi Kuo” of Concord Securities, its looking more than likely to incorporate an “Arm Cortex A9 1.2GHz dual-core CPU” incorporated with “Imagination’s SGX543 dual-core graphics,” which is reported to be in the region of 200-300% more powerful than the current iPhone 4 handset. In basic terms, this will mean that the device will not only produce some fantastic graphics as mentioned, but will have more RAM (512MB) and as AppleInsider stated, a faster memory access (1,066Mhz).

Along with this Kuo suggests that the CDMA model will include a Qualcomm chip whilst GSM models will have the Infineon chip, therefore from Apple’s point of view, this can only be beneficial to have 2 component makers to keep up with production numbers.

In relation to the display screen, Kuo states in his opinion the iPad 2 will leave out better resolution to emphasize purely on the thickness and anti-reflection of the screen, therefore the latter will be seen as a great competitor against the likes of Amazon’s Kindle. Coupled with this, as AppleInsider reported, to carry out improved screen display would be too costly and not the simplest of tasks, therefore with expected sales of the device to soar, Apple may not be able to keep up with demand.

Another topic of conversation as Debbie reported, is of an SD card slot being included, this is something that is hanging in the balance. Moving on to news of a camera, or should I say 2. The iPad 2 is rumored to include 2 which can be compared to that on the current iPod Touch, the front camera being of 0.3 megapixel, and rear being 1 megapixel, whilst the emphasis this time on the iPad 2 has been on FaceTime calls using the front webcam with VGA resolution.

Tell us are you waiting patiently for the iPad 2 to come? What would you like to see?