6 New iDevice Docking Stations From Logic3

If you were lucky enough to unwrap an iDevice last Chrstmas or have just recently bought one then you may want to pick up a new docking station to keep it company.

If this is the case then you are in luck because gadget specialists Logic3 has released 6 sparking new stations to bring out the best in your device. Featured are 2 for the iPad and 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The docks are not the cheapest on the market but look absolute value for money.

The i-Station Podium and the i-Station Base are the 2 products for the iPad and come with a host of unique capabilities. The Podium which you can see in the top image, features charging, music playing, rotation to change screen orientation, an adjustable footrest which always gives the best viewing angle for you and a free app which gives you everyday helpers like an alarm and calendar . The Podium comes packed with a large number of other features which can be found by visiting Latest Gadgets.

If you like the sound of the Podium it well set you back £69.99, and the Base £59.99. The base is more compact than the Podium and comes with a remote control. The docking stations for the iPhone and iPod Touch are the Combo, SoundBar, Lite and i-Station26. The Combo which seems to be the pick of the bunch carries a CD player, LCD screen, FM radio and the other typical docking features. The gadget pictured above is selling for £99.99 on Logic3’s website.

The SoundBar is the same price and is your more heavy duty station with big speakers, where the Lite is self explanatory and is small and compact for £34.99. The i-Station26 is slap bang in the middle and is a mixture of the others at the cost of £69.99. Full details can be found on all of these great prodcuts by following the links. Happy Shopping!