Tech Skills Outpacing Life Skills for Kids

We learn some surprising things here at OSM and some things amuse us (favorite YouTube videos), while some shock, such as our recent infographic about why we should be worried about identity theft. This one may shock some but if you’re a parent worrying why your kid can’t yet tie their shoelaces but is perfectly comfortable with a smartphone, then you may not be so surprised.

An intriguing article over on All Things Digital by Ina Fried looks into a recent study from AVG’s Digital Diaries research on children and technolgogy. The study involved thousands of mothers of kids aged between 2 and 5 and you’ve guessed it…one of the facts resulting from the study was that more young kids can use a smartphone app (19%) than can tie their laces (9%).

Other results from the study showed that more kids are able to open a web browser than swim unaided and also more kids can play with games on the computer than can ride a bicycle. So as a parent of a child who can do all of the above tech-related things and only one of these life skills, at least I no longer feel it’s just me!

On a related note, an article by Allan Turner of The Houston Chronicle, over on, tells about a test program at Houston Library which will allow kids between the ages of 2 and 6 access to the use of an iPad for what it describes as ‘edutainment.’ Check out the full article at the link for an interesting read. What are your thoughts on kids using technology at such a young age? We’d really like to know so please do send us your comments.