Taiwan President Has Facebook For Reaching Out To The Public

Facebook is so popular these days that there are more people you meet on the street that have a Facebook account than those that don’t. There are even public figures on there; it was only a matter of weeks ago since David Beckham announced that he and Victoria Beckham are expecting another baby via Facebook.

Now the President of Taiwan has unveiled his Facebook account on the world. You may be wondering, why is this important? Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou, well his simply using a more up to date way of keeping in touch with the public. As the Inquirer.net say in their article, many governments and leaders in the world have their own micro-blogs. Of course, Ma Ying-jeou wouldn’t want to miss out on the trend; this is going to be one of the fastest ways that he can let his feelings be known.

There are reports that say Ma Ying-jeou has joined because of the following his competitors are getting ahead of the presidential election next year. There’s an article that’s been written over at straitstimes.com which tells a little more about his decision to appear on the popular social networking site, so head on over and have a read. So far he has almost 350,000 ‘Likes’, check it out for yourself.

What do you think about world leaders being on Facebook? What are the positives and the negatives of the president having his own page? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • http://roshanjoshi.com.np SEO Nepal

    so good to see politicians get to interact to their people and vice versa – thanks to social media.

    • Tim Ollason

      more of them should do the same don't you think? Maybe this will trigger them all getting Facebook pages?!

  • gago

    Any response to his Facebook is automatically censored. Only praises get ever published.
    A highly clever form of propaganda.