Plug Hub: Keeping cables under control

If you get sick of looking at all the winding cables sprawling around and under your desk then we’ve found something that may well interest you. It’s called the Plug Hub and not only will it keep all of your cables under control but it actually looks pretty good too.

We heard about the Plug Hub concept in an article by Charlie White over on Mashable and it contains three apertures in the top to pass your various cords through. Your power strip can then be fixed neatly across a shelf on the bottom part of the unit. If it’s under your desk you can have the Plug Hub at the rear keeping everything nicely tucked away. Alternatively you can mount the Hub on a wall so it doesn’t use up any floor space.

Inside there are also 3 cord anchors, designed to wrap your cables around to hold any excess. The Plug Hub has been developed by Quirky and from what we’ve seen we think this is a pretty impressive organizer and White reports that if enough people pre-order it at what seems an exceptionally reasonable $24, then it will be manufactured and shipped.

Another article about the Plug Hub can be found on Unplgged and points out that the cable wrapping feature is particularly useful and puts the Hub apart from other cable boxes. Also, a good idea suggested by Unplgged is the manufacture of the Plug Hub in a colour apart from charcoal, such as a cream or white option. What do you think of the Plug Hub and are you tempted to show your interest and pre-order one? Let us know with your comments.