Nook Color Firmware Update: Features Pinch & Zoom

The NOOK Color is no doubt a brilliant little device; eReaders have had a recent surge since the rivalry between the NOOK Color and the Amazon Kindle. Both devices are pretty similar but which is better?

We have recently heard how the NOOK 3G will be discontinued and also how the clever people of XDA managed to not only overclock the device to 1.1GHz and also how they have managed to get Honeycomb running on it. We have even seen a NOOK Color running Angry Birds!

Now we are hearing reports that Barnes & Noble has released an update to its NOOK Color, the update is to version 1.1.0. This has been classified as a minor update however if you look at what the update and what it is offering, we wouldn’t necessarily class it as minor. The big addition is the pinch and zoom functionality in the browser and also an improvement to the WiFi connectivity. There are a few others that you can read over on Christina Warren’s article at Mashable. You can also read through the details of the on the B&N website where they have explained the update in full.

What do you think of a NOOK Color’s new update? Have you noticed any problems with the recent update? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Frank Anthony

    What is Nook? Who makes it?