Facebook Madness? Famous Rapper Gets Tattoo

Facebook is the most used and most popular social netowrking site on the planet…Is it having too much of an affect on some of its users?

The famous rapper T-Pain has got himself some fresh ink on the skin and is sporting the classic Facebook “Like” symbol. The whole tattoo reads “You dont have to like me”. Is that taking it a little too far? The image appeared first on Twitter, courtesy of Cnet and was caused quite a stir.

We have seen plenty of quirky things in the past, like Facebook and Twitter styled trainers and a Facebook user who is 103, but this one must top the pack. It appears T-Pain whos real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, is sporting the tattoo more for public image then personal satisfaction. The 25 year old rapper has been well know for inking his skin in the past according to the Daily Mail, but has never gone for the kind we have seen.

If T-Pain has genuinely got the tattoo to show his love for Facebook then it just highlights the effect that the social network can have on people, and it looks quite mad to be fair. It really comes as no surprise as Facebook will take over the whole world soon anyway. Whats your view on T-Pain’s Facebook tattoo? Leave us your thoughts in the comments