Twitter Trending Topics: Are You Surprised?

This week has been a bit of a mad one for Twitter, we have seen so much news that has dominated headlines that always leads to names, sports and all sorts of things trending in Twitter. This week’s trends are a real mix of things all courtesy of Mashable.

As you know, anything sports or sports star related normally jump into the top 10, as do big time celebrities such as the ‘Biebster’ Just Bieber and Lady GaGa. Last week saw the Golden Globes run away with the top spot but being an event we wouldn’t expect to see it in there again.

In at 10th spot is PlayStation, no surprises that Sony have made it into the top 10 after they have given details in Tokyo of the PSP2 (NGP), the Sony PlayStation Suite and of course the PlayStation Phone. In at 9th is Google, they having a bit of a bit of a change around. CEO Eric Schmidt is going to be stepping down and Larry Page will be jumping into the hot seat. Larry Page is the co-founder of Google.

In at 8th spot are the Jonas Brothers, these guys are also known as the ‘Hotnas Brothers’, they have a big following wanting them to sing in Spanish. In 7th sport resides Football or as many know it Soccer. This has lots of different names associated with it following transfers and of course the goal scored by Yohandy Orozco who scored in the Sudamericano U20s.

6th sees Jack LaLanne, unfortunately the exercise legend passed away this week, he was aged 96. NFL stormed into 5th with Jay Cutler tearing his knee ligaments and then the Bears ended up losing the game. The Australian Open crashed in at number 4 where Rafael Nadal lost in straight sets against David Ferrer as he looked to claim his 4th consecutive grand slam.

Number 3 sees Lady GaGa, the star’s latest album called ‘Born This Way’ will be released in the not too distant future, and this will always draw the attention of Twitter. In at 2nd is the marmite man himself, Justin Bieber. You either love him or hate him, undoubtedly the kid has talent and sometimes people take that for granted, he is also pretty young. To be so successful at such a young age must be difficult to deal with sometimes don’t you think? He also has a new movie coming out called ‘Never Say Never’. Similarly to Lady GaGa’s album, this will draw plenty of attention from the social networking world.

This week’s number 1 goes to Andy Gray and his firing. Andy Gray for those of you who are unaware was a soccer commentator who unfortunately made some remarks ‘Off-Air’ that were captured about female line official Sian Massey. It all started out that he would have just a 1 game ban, but you know what they say, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’. Soon enough there were more videos being shown on YouTube and articles appearing over the web that Andy Gray in fact had a few more incidents that came to light. Unfortunately for the Scotsman he was later dismissed for his inappropriate behavior. This has since sparked various debates in the soccer world about sexual discrimination.

Interestingly there is nothing appearing in the top 10 for Egypt with all the protests, we were certain it would feature but apparently not! Check back again next week for the Twitter Top 10.

What do you think of the top trends this week? Is there anything you feel should be in the top 10 that hasn’t appeared? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Niall

    I actually used to prefer Twitter trending topics back in the day when it was a bit more simplistic. I don't actually o and check it out all that much now as it has become more complicated. Seems to be all celebrity gossip based TBH!!!