Sky Announces 70,000 3D Customers

Sky has put the word out that it has now ammassed 70,000 customers on its 3D service. There were fears that due to the unpopularity of glasses 3D, the subscriptions would suffer as a result.

The raw figure of 70,000 is nothing to be sniffed at but considering the sattellite giants have over 3 million HD users, it slightly takes the shine off of the acheivement. Sky are the dominant broadcasters for premium channels in the UK and Gaj It has rightly stated that over half of the households in the UK are connected to Sky.

The service launched back in October 2010 and has been greeted with generally positive reviews. Sky regularly broadcast live sporting events in 3D which are the most viewed programmes. In the image above you can see Andy Gray and Richard Keys promoting the launch and if you have been following the news recently, you will know a new anchor presenter will be announced soon.

Sky also broadcasts some of the biggest releases in 3D, like Avatar, Alice In Wonderland and the Toy Story trilogy according to Car Rentals. The 3D world is due for a big shakeup as the only 3D TVs out on the market require glasses and as you may know, some companies have already got their glasses free models ready to go this year. The Nintendo 3DS is out soon and is an example of this. Will Sky be able to provide a glasses free 3D service and will it affect their current customers? Let us know you thoughts by leaving a comment.