Facebook Worth More Than Amazon- Only Google To Overcome

Latest figures show that the giant social network Facebook has just leapt over the giant online shopping site Amazon. That takes Mark Zuckerberg’s baby up to the 2nd in the valuation chart with only Google perched above.

Over the past few weeks there has been plenty of speculation and debate over how much Facebook is actually worth. Figures of $50 billion seemed to be accurate, almost doubling from last year. However AllFacebook has reported that now the numbers are looking more like a whopping $82.9 billion, based on the closing price of the company’s shares in the latest private market auction, which occurred on SharesPost.

The monstous pricetag attatched to Facebook has soared by an estimated 40% since December, based on trades of the private stock from 2 online market places. Amazon’s fortunes have been less productive as their shares plummeted by 7.2% yesterday after a poor sales forecast. The e-commerce site is still worth a tasty $77.2 billion and the company yesterday revealed that e-books had overtaken paperbacks in sales for the 1st time.

Google are still sitting smugly at the top of the tree with a value that puts Facebook to shame. The search engine is worth $192 billion according to Business Week and that is a figure that Facebook will not be able to stand up to any time soon. Facebook and Google will only get stronger and no doubt this battle for online dominance will rage on in the coming years.

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