Facebook Profile Page: How to show imagination

Not long ago we brought you news about the new Facebook profile pages and then more recently asked if you preferred the new or the old style of profile. Well it seems as though many people are certainly making the use of the new profiles and being very creative with them too.

An intriguing article over on Mashable by Todd Wasserman has rounded up 10 of the most creative Facebook profiles as a follow-up to a previous article and having looked at them we can say they certainly stand out and have that ‘certain something.’ If you want your Facebook profile to shine then take a look and see if you can get some ideas from the ones looked-at on Mashable.

For example the profile of Amy Priscilla Kim has a rather Pollackesque feeling about it while Isaac M. Vicci looks as though he’s staring straight into your eyes and knows everything about you. My personal favorite is the quirky profile page for Nasir Jumani as his images show him simply sitting in front of his computer, just like us when we view it. For some other great profiles head to the full article at the Mashable link above.

If you want more ways to get creative with your Facebook profile then an article by Brian Ward over on All Facebook might be just the thing. It shows 5 ways to transform your Facebook profile into a book using various companies. The examples shown look really great and we reckon they could take off. What are your thoughts on Facebook profiles? Do you have a really good example of an imaginative profile? Why not send us a comment to let us know.