EX Google CEO Says What He Really Thinks Of Facebook

The ex Google CEO to be, Eric Schmidt has spoken out about the company in an interview with the BBC and given his opinions on Facebook and the issues that have arisen over the past year.

Schmidt is set to step down from his post on April 4th, with co-founder Larry Page taking up the role. The CEO said in the interview that Facebook “threatens the bargain of the Web”. The full interview is embedded for you below courtesy of Cnet. You will see that Schmidt gets particularly touchy on the subject of Google Buzz being a copy of Facebook, and also the recruitment and poaching dilemma.

When asked if it was a fair critism to assume that Buzz was a failed copy of Facebook, Scmidt totally disagreed but did admit Facebook had done a very good job. The boss then went on to say that he felt “Google had been late adding social capabilities to their core products” and that their current efforts which have been largely leaked are also not a copy. That is “Google Me” is you were wondering.

When the issue of Facebook poaching Google employees arose, Schmidt said that “Google hire more people in a week than the total number of people that have left Google in any point of time in their service to Facebook”. Again the Google boss denied that Facebook employed a large amount of their ex employees and stated that the incidents had been highly publicised.

Scmidt also added that he encouraged social networks included Facebook to make as much as information they legally can availabe to the search engines. What do you think of Google’s attitude towards their biggest rival? Leave us your comments.