Android Honeycomb 3.0 Running on a NOOK Color?

Recently we have reported on the extended capabilities of the NOOK Color. First of all it was overclocked to 950MHz and then one of the XDA developers used the code and tweaked it to run at 1.1GHz in a stable manner.

Now we are hearing reports of something equally as crazy, we hear that there is a NOOK Color running on Android’s Honeycomb OS. Those guys at XDA never cease to amaze me, talk about getting the most out of your device! Do you remember what they did to the Nexus S? They overclocked it to run at 1.4Ghz.

As Kevin Krause of says, when the NOOK Color was announced last year, you never would have thought it would be running at such an advanced level of OS and before many of the other devices. As things stand, touchscreen support has been recently gained however the other functionality of Honeycomb just doesn’t work at the moment.

Perhaps once the actual Android 3.0 source code is released the guys at XDA will do their thing and get it all working properly but you have to say, this is a really promising start. Head over to the XDA forums and have a read of the conversation between the users, it offers an intriguing insight into the future of not just this device, but many others if these guys get their hands on them.

What do you think of a NOOK running Android Honeycomb 3.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.