The Bieber Experiment: Power of Social Media (Twitter)

Who remembers the people that were trying to get a hug from Taylor Swift? The names of the people are Michael Wekall, Ryan Leander and David James. Well they are starting something new, it’s called ‘The Bieber Experiment’.

Wekall and Leander have set their sights on the singing sensation Justin Bieber who of course has a huge social media backing. Anytime, anywhere that Bieber does anything, the world watches and listens. Whether you are a Justin Bieber fan or not, you cannot deny the success the young man has had in the early days of his career.

The difference here, they aren’t looking for a hug from Bieber, instead they want to make a video with him. How are they going to get the attention of a mega star? Twitter of course! According to, the Bieber Experiment will look to gain media attention using their previous Twitter success @ahugfromtaylor and telling people about their new venture. The hashtag that they are encouraging is #BieberExperiment. They say that they want it to become a trending Twitter topic and to be honest, they could achieve it. If it happens, it will really demonstrate the power of Social Media.

They are also trying to capture the attention of Bieber himself by pushing messages towards him. As many of you know, Justin Bieber is no stranger to Twitter himself. He is constantly trending in Twitter as we have previously reported; he even used Twitter to reveal the first dates of his UK tour! The brains behind the experiment have also uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube talking about the Bieber Experiment, you can view them here.

How far do you think they will get trying to get the ‘Biebster’ to make a video with them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • @MandyMayBieber

    Just thought id let you know that where you wrote "First dates of his UK tour" you miss spelled First you put fist.

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks Mandy :-)

  • @MandyMayBieber

    You fixed "First date of the UK tour" good :)

    • Tim Ollason

      Thanks for pointing it out Mandy :-)


    They're pretty impressive guys, I think they'll do what they need to.

  • sarah and tatum

    hey its sarah and tatum from the justin bieber movie in atlanta today….we hope you guys are able to be in the video with justin and we also hope that you will put our little frame of video you got of us on your video with justin in the future….our youtube account is TatumandSarah and we hope to hear back from you guys. Our new best friends!!!!!!…. Love, Sarah and Tatum