Spotify’s Upgraded Android App Coming Soon

The music streaming service Spotify has put the word out that a new update for its Android app is on the way.

Rich Trenholm over on Cnet was lucky enough to have a chat with a Spotify spokesman and found out that within a matter of weeks, the Android app is set to overtake its iPhone counterpart.

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming sites in Europe with 10 million customers in 7 different countries which include the UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, France, Finland and the Netherlands. The big question was of expansion over to the US, where business would thrive; however nothing was said this time around.

Spotify are very interested in expanding their services across the pond, but have to sort out business with record labels and licencing before they can do so. There has also been talk that Spotify are lending a helping hand to Shazam on their iPhone and Android apps. According to Metro, Shazam will integrate Spotify in a new range of free and premium applications.

Keep a look out for Spotify’s updated app for Android, will it rise above the iPhone equivalent? Leave us your thoughts on Spotify and its desire to expand.